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It is a screen locking system designed for Windows
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Birch Grove Software, Inc

“Screen Pass” is a screen locking system designed for Windows. It gives network administrators full control over idle workstations. Its reliable and complex features are suitable for any type of network, whether it is a small network, a medium or a large one. It works as an added precaution where security of idle workstations is a concern.

There are some features that make this system unique, in my opinion. One of them is the possibility to “Enforce password security”, which prevents the user from turning off the password protection for the screen saver and which allows the administrator to have control over the screen saver time-out period. Another useful characteristic is the possibility to unlock workstations with “true” administrator override. This allows administrators to enter their ID and password to unlock the workstation without being logged onto a new session. One of the features I find most important is “auto logoff idle stations”. This feature allows administrators to configure automatic logoff if the screen saver is running and inactivity continues after the second defined timeout. The available setting include logout, restart, shutdown, or powerdown. There are also other features I find attractive about this software, such as the possibility to remotely control all the security issues of a network, the possibility to record events (locking, unlocking, login events, etc) and to limit screen saver selections available to the user. I like what “Screen Pass” can do and I would recommend it to anybody interested in enhanced security.

Amelia Wagner
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